Labor Services

Did you know the same full service moving professionals come out to you when you have your own truck? It’s true, which means you get the highest quality work even when you just need some muscle.
Moving labor is available but does not include trucks, damage compensation, or equipment* . The rate for moving labor is $24 per hour per man ($36/hr. overtime), and a minimum of 4 hours is applied to all moves (some moves may carry larger minimums). There is also a fuel surcharge added which is determined by the distance traveled and the type of vehicle(s) necessary to transport the crew and equipment.
*Equipment rentals are available with moving labor. Some of our most common equipment rentals are 2-wheel dollies for transporting boxes faster, 4-wheel dollies for safely transporting larger items, and appliance dollies for those refrigerators and such. Please call for current pricing and availability on equipment rentals.